Who writes the questions in Confidence?

We have a team of medical professionals who write our questions. You can view full bios of our authors.

How does Confidence work?

Created by a team of medical experts, software professionals and data scientists, Confidence uses intelligent algorithms to build up picture of your knowledge gaps and strengths by testing you using a variety of case studies and fact based questions.

How do I extend my account?

We will let you know when your account is about to expire and give you the option to extend so you don't need to worry about losing your information - your question history and notes will be saved.

How can I reset my account history?

As Confidence builds knowledge about what you know and don't know over time we don't think you'll need to reset your account but if you do want a fresh start you can contact us and we'll help you out.

How can I change my exam date?

Your exam date is built into our algorithms so it's important we get it right. If you're not sure when your exam date is yet don't worry, just enter an approximation and when you find out the date just contact us to let us know and we'll change it for you.

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