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We choose authors from all stages of medicine. Our consultants and registrars bring expert knowledge, while our SHOs bring the experience of those who have recently taken exams.

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Raymond buick

Mr Raymond Buick

Paediatric Consultant
A retired Consultant Paediatric Surgeon Raymond has previously worked at Birmingham Children's Hospital as well as a variety Medical Practices around the UK. His areas on expertise include Paediatric surgery, Gastrointestinal surgery, Neonatal and infant surgery, Paediatric trauma, Upper gastrointestinal, Hepatobiliary surgery and Emergency paediatric surgery.
Jamie dunn

Mr Jamie Dunn

Urology Registrar
Jamie graduated initially as Vet - a career path chosen after working with the wildlife service in Kenya. Fairly quickly the desire to do medicine took hold so in 2003 he returned to university to complete a medical degree. Today Jamie is a Urology SPR with a subspecialist interest in Endourology who developed and retains a fanatical interest in medical education.
James boorer

Dr James Boorer

Locum GP
James qualified in 2003 and initially trained as a surgeon reaching ST4 prior to 'seeing the light' and switching to general practice. He completed training on the Plymouth VTS in 2013 and has been working both as a long term locum and ad-hoc locum ever since. James areas of interest include minor surgery, ENT, orthopaedics and the psychological aspects of disease.
Jason hancock

Dr Jason Hancock
MBChB (Hons), PGCMedE

Academic Clinical Fellow
Jason is currently a Core Psychiatry trainee working for the Devon Partnership Trust. Jason is interested in understanding how we can prevent people with dementia in care homes accessing urgent care. He has previously published a paper developing a tool to measure tolerance of ambiguity in medical students and junior doctors - check it out.
Sam merriel

Dr Sam Merriel

Academic Clinical Fellow
Through his work Sam aims to make a meaningful contribution to research in the prevention of non-communicable diseases and to public health policy. Sam recently wrote a paper on the effectiveness of telehealth interventions in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in adult patients in community settings.
Laura wilkinson

Dr Laura Wilkinson

Paediatric SHO
Medical Registrar at Capital and Coast DHB, Wellington, New Zealand Current trainee with the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine.
Rachel saunders

Dr Rachel Saunders

Emergency Medicine SHO
Rachel runs Pioneer Medicine , an expedition medicine organisation.

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